Reference projects

No. 1: Drill Quip, 24” Riser Joints Project

Randaberg Coating has carried out coating on several batches of 24" riser joints for Drill Quip. These riser joints are to be installed at the Ekofisk field, on ConocoPhillips' new installations. Randaberg Coating performs coating according to Norsok M-501. In addition we  ensure assembly of centralisers and transport protection.

No. 2: Subsea 7, Reel Project 1-4

Randaberg Coating has been awarded a coating contract by Subsea7 for four reels. These reels are of a large dimension; the diameter of each reel are 9,2 metres, weighing at approx. 55 tonnes each. The reels came to our premises in an upright position, and we had to rotate them 90 degrees for transport into the production premises. This operation demands two mobile cranes and a heavy materials trolley, in addition to good coordination.