Products and services

With a staff of more than 15 experienced employees, we pride ourselves in our high standards of workmanship and our constant focus on safety and quality.

Our differentiator is the way we organise responsibilities and resources. The customer will have one interface through the entire process, from tender to deliverables, securing easy communication, enabling a high degree of flexibility and successful deliveries at agreed time, cost and quality.

More about our products and services:

• inspection and technical advising• blast cleaning• metalizing
• fluorpolymer coatings• paint application• galvanisation
• fire protection• subsea insulation• mechanical pre-treatment
• technical cleaning• fresh water cleaning• preservation and masking

Inspection and Technical Advising

Our highly qualified and experienced personnel carry out inspection services and technical advising. All are FROSIO level III and NACE level certified.

Blast cleaning

For all types of steel structures, we carry out blast cleaning with steel grit. For all types of precious metals, we utilise Garnet mineral grit.

Our modern facilities have large capacity and automatic recycling of the blast media as well as separation of dust and contaminants from the blasting process. Surface preparation of precious metals will be carried out in separate areas, specially designed for this purpose.

Capacity for blast cleaning

  • with steel grit: 3 operators simultaneously
  • with Garnet mineral grit: 2 operators simultaneously


For metalizing (coating with metal), we carry out thermal spraying with aluminum and zinc. We have recently invested in new and modern metalizing equipment and production facilities, with specially designed ventilation systems. All our operators are pre-qualified with approved site test according to Norsok M-501 System No. 2A & 2B.

Fluorpolymer Coatings (PTFE)

Randaberg Coating performs various types of thin film coating. We utilise Xylan, Everslik etc., as well as phosphate treatment in cooperation with our sub-contractors.

Paint application

Randaberg Coating has carried out pre-qualification and Coating Procedure Test for all relevant coating systems. We carry out all types of paint application and coating application with our modern airless spray equipment. Our highly skilled operators are always focusing on HSE and quality during the production.


Galvanisation of steel components is offered in cooperation with our sub-contractors.

Fire protection

Randaberg Coating is pre-qualified and certified for application of Epoxy based passive fire protection. We provide calculations and application of various types of passive fire protection for hydrocarbon fire, jet fire and cellulosic fire.

Subsea insulation

We provide calculations and application of various types of subsea insulation for all types of equipment, including joints on pipe spools.

Mechanical pre-treatment

Randaberg Coating provides mechanical pre-treatment of surfaces on components where required.

Technical cleaning (acid cleaning)

Acid cleaning of stainless steel materials is carried out in a safe and gentle way with our environmentally friendly products.

Fresh water cleaning and degreasing

To ensure removal of salts and other contaminants prior to surface treatment, we provide fresh water cleaning and degreasing of goods.

Preservation and masking

At the customers' discretion, we offer preservation and masking of goods and items before surface preparation and coating,  to ensure the best possible protection of special parts and areas.