Surface preparation

Preparation and masking

We offer pre-preparation and masking of goods before surface preparation and coating. To ensure the best possible protection of special parts and areas, all is done in consultation with the customer.

Mechanical pre-treatment

We offer mechanical pre-treatment of surfaces on components where required.

Blast cleaning

STEEL OR PRECIOUS METALS We carry out blast cleaning with steel grit for all types of steel structures. For precious metals we do blast cleaning with Garnet mineral grit.

Our modern facilities have a large capacity and automatic recycling of the blast media, as well as separation of dust and contaminants from the blasting process. Surface preparation of precious metals will be carried out in separate areas, specially designed for this purpose.

CAPACITY With steel grit: 3 operators simultaneously. With Garnet mineral grit: 2 operators simultaneously.

Technical cleaning (acid cleaning)

We offer acid cleaning of stainless steel materials in a safe and gentle way with our environmentally friendly products.

Fresh water cleaning and degreasing

We offer fresh water cleaning and degreasing of goods to ensure removal of salts and other contaminants prior to surface treatment.