Base and yard for ships and rigs

Our ideal location by the waterfront at the entrance to Stavangeris a great benefit to our customers. Whether you are in onshore, subsea, rig service, lay-up or other offshore or marine business our facilities can serve your needs. 

We provide services for the mobilisation of large subsea construction projects. Our skilled staff utilises the latest technology in welding to ensure quality and efficiency.

We are a certified ISPS port, adhering to the The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code). 

...and real deep deep-water quay

Harestadvika, where we are located, offers the region's best location for a port, especially for demanding operations. Our deep-water quay is a total of 330 meters long - and is larger than that of Sandnes Port.


  • 130 meters at a depth of 12 meters
  • 80 meters at a depth of 11 meters
  • 120 meters at a depth of 6,5 - 8 meters

All of our quays have great depth just a few meters from shore, providing ample capacity for rig calls. We can provide ongoing maintenance/repairs and mobilisation/demobilisation of vessels (offshore construction vessels). 


  • 180 ton crane, current rigging 70 ton (agreement on lease for up to 1300 tons)
  • Trailers ut to 160 ton
  • Trucks up to 34 ton
  • Total yard areas: 90,000 sqm
  • Fabrication workshop: 4,300 sqm
  • Workshop surface treatment area: 1,220 sqm
  • Warehouses / workshop: 4,500 sqm
  • Outdoor storage / fabrication area: 60,000 sqm
  • Offices: 1,700 sqm