Bulk systems

No. 1 supplier - in the world!

Randaberg Industries is proud to hold a leading position globally in the design and fabrication of bulk systems for cement and other powder products. We serve customers worldwide.

SAFE AND RELIABLE The tanks’ well-proven design requires only a minimum of maintenance. The bottom fluidising system ensures a highly efficient emptying of the tanks, and cyclones remove cement and other powder products from the bulk vent-line. The design has no rotating parts or filters, something that makes the cyclone very reliable. In total: a safe and reliable operation.

WELL-PROVEN DESIGN Our first storage tank was delivered to the Dutch oil industry in the early 1960s. Since then we have manufactured a large number of tanks for onshore and offshore projects and have become a preferred choice for many businesses.

OFFSHORE VESSELS We have delivered bulk storage systems for several hundred offshore vessels. The system includes a pneumatic bulk handling system with a high capacity. In the development of the systems, we have focused on a design providing safe and reliable operation, which requires minimum maintenance. For years, we have provided fixed and floating installations with high quality and effective cyclones and collector tanks. The cyclones remove cement and other powder products from the bulk vent-line through a highly efficient process. The design has no rotating parts or filters and makes the cyclone extremely reliable requiring practically no maintenance. 

MARKETS Currently, we serve the Dry Bulk Systems markets in Europe, India, China and Brazil - and we are expanding.