About us

The Randaberg Group has high ambitions - the sky is the limit. We started out small, but have grown into a large-scale global player, that manufactures some of the world's leading products. 

We keep on looking forward, take on new and demanding projects - but we never lose sight of the past. How could we else be what we are?

Our slogan is: "Me ska gjera folk glade og fornødde" in the local wording. This is the cornerstone in our culture - and translates to: "We will make people happy and pleased."

Our skilled organisation

Together we constitute a highly skilled fabrication organisation where our customers' needs are in focus. 

Our project managers are highly experienced engineers. They will be your point of contact and are responsible for the entire process through planning, production, delivery, and final documentation - and within the shipping and base/yard segment even installation and testing.

This optimises our use of resources and gives comfort to our customers – in accord with our slogan: "We will make people happy and pleased."